How to Start Trading Stocks in Singapore

| October 12, 2010 | 66 Comments

start trading stocks in singaporeTo start to trade stocks in Singapore, you will be required to go through a simple sign-up process with a brokerage firm of your choice.

The invention of the Internet has brought about many changes in the way that we conduct our lives and our personal business. We can pay our bills online, shop online, bank online, and even date online! And of course, we can even buy and sell stocks online. Traders love having the ability to look at their accounts whenever they want to, and brokers like having the ability to take orders over the Internet, as opposed to the telephone.

All Singapore brokers and brokerage houses now offer online trading to their clients. Another great thing about trading online is that fees and commissions are often lower. However, while online trading is great, there are some drawbacks still. For instance, if you are new to investing, having the ability to actually speak with a broker can be quite beneficial. If you aren’t stock market savvy, online trading may be a dangerous thing for you. If this is the case, make sure that you learn as much as you can about trading stocks before you start trading online.

You should also be aware that you don’t have a computer with Internet access attached to you. You won’t always have the ability to get online to make a trade. You need to be sure that you can call and speak with a broker if this is the case, or be able to trade using your mobile phone. This is true whether you are an advanced trader or a beginner.

Singapore Brokerage Account

To start off, you will need to choose from one of the several brokerage firms around. Some popular brokerage firms include:

  • DBS Vickers
  • Lim and Tan Securities
  • OCBC Securities
  • Philips Securities
  • Kim Eng Securities
  • UOBKayHian

Depending on the firms, you may be asked to place a refundable opening deposit. Most brokers just require proof of earnings, i.e. with a payslip. Sometimes trading representatives or brokers may waive these requirement, or they may hold promotions or fairs which typically waive this as well.

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Central Depository (CDP)

Besides an account at a brokerage, you’ll also need what is known as a Central Depository account. All stocks that you own are held in your CDP account. If you have never traded stocks before, you most likely do not own a CDP account, and your very first brokerage account will come with a CDP account opening form that you can fill up as well.

Electronic Payment for Shares (EPS)

In the past, any outstanding payment to your brokerage had to be settled in the form of cheques. This form of payment conveniently links your bank account to your brokerage, so that you can login into your Internet banking account and pay for any outstanding contracts there. This is highly recommended.

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John Tan has been Vice President of BlueTrust Investments Corporation for 6 years since the mid-90’s. He has since moved on, to be a professional full-time trader.

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  1. Saifudin says:

    For buying of shares, can i buy a specific amount eg; 100, 200 or even 40 shares? Or do i have to buy in 1 lot of 1000?

    • ProfitFan says:

      You can, on the Unit Share market. That’s when shares are sold in odd amounts.

      The other way is to buy counter that trade on a smaller lot size, such as the SingTel 100 (100 shares per lot) and the SingTel 10 (10 shares per lot).

  2. Liang says:

    I have subscribed and have been alloted some IPO shares. How do I proceed to sell them? It is not reflected in my DBS Vickers account. Thanks.

  3. Zai says:

    Hi, I’m totally new and am interested in Share market. How do I start and who should I assign as my broker?

  4. Amirul says:

    Hi, I’m totally new and am interested in Share market. May I know what are the minimum requirements to buy shares?

    • ProfitFan says:

      Hi Amirul,

      You have to be above 21 and have a brokerage account and CDP account. Visit any of the brokerages in Singapore, and they will help you get started.

  5. Thomas says:


    Is there a minimum salary base to open a brokerage and CDP account?

  6. Anowar says:

    Hi, after buying a share, how many days its needed to be mature to sell? in some countries, after 3 days of buying, someone can sell it….

  7. Sora says:

    hi what is the minimum ideal amount we need to have to start trading? i have heard $500 is enough

  8. Edward Choo says:

    Hi,I buy share I selmen cut loss, Now (August 11) I lost alot of money. somebody told me to keep until the shares goes up somebody told me to cut loss. If I cut loss, I will lost 30-50% of my investment. (Cosco, midas,sunvic n capitaland).Advise me, Thank you.

  9. Alex says:

    Hi, i am serving in NS, i read about this site, i plan to start my account with VBS vickers, anything that i need or can’t do? I plan to start with $1000 to invest.

    • ProfitFan says:

      You’re all set. The brokerage account will allow you to view live stock prices, so you can get your feet wet first, even without having to make a trade.

  10. steven tan says:

    wish to open online trading account

  11. deenadayal says:

    Hi, I’m interested in Share market investment,a foriegner working here in Singapore?
    how can i invest in S’pore?please Advise me, Thank you.

    • ProfitFan says:

      Hi, we’re not familiar with the process for foreigners. The best way would be to approach the various brokerages directly.

  12. sha says:

    Hi, I understand that one has to have an account with the brokerage firm but what are the charges? Do we have to pay a fee for buying and selling?

    and where can i find live stock prices?

    • ProfitFan says:

      Charges vary slightly from brokerage to brokerage, and live stock prices are provided with every brokerage account

  13. ECyC says:

    Hi, I heard a lot on shorting. Does all brokerage firm have such facility? How could this be done? Is there any financing for shorting?

  14. okIE says:

    Hi, what does the “Available internet Buy Limit” means?
    for example if it show , Available internet buy Limit of 11.00?

    • ProfitFan says:

      Not sure what this is. Best to check with the brokerage directly.

    • SK says:

      Buy limit is the amount that your broker allows you to buy shares.
      as in normal most brokerage firm gives 20,000.
      if you buy shares up to 19,989, and you haven’t settled the payment yet, then the next trading day, they ll update your balance as s$11.00
      You can always contact your broker for a request to upgrade it.

  15. Dannyboy says:

    Are deposits required if I want to set up an account?

  16. sam says:

    If u open an account with a brokerage firm in Singapore, can u buy and sell any stocks in any country?

    • ProfitFan says:

      hi, the basic account only allows you to trade stocks from Singapore. However, you can open optional accounts that allow you to trade other markets. Check with your broker, and they’d be happy to help you with this.

  17. Fazzy says:

    hi, i totally know nuts about investing. How do I get start? How much do I need to start? Is there any free courses offered in Singapore?

  18. Jigsaw says:

    Hi, I recently opened an online trading account and only going to place my 1st order. Question: Is the order denominated in number of shares or lots? I mean if I enter 1000, will that make me buy 1000 shares or 1000 lots?

    Don’t want to end up buying huge amounts that I can’t pay. Thanks.

  19. Mazaka says:

    Hi, I wonder if there is any online simulations you could recommend us to try.

  20. Clarice says:

    Hi, I’m interested in investing on stocks. Please help me how can I start? Thank you!

  21. Sunny says:

    Hi,i purchase the singapore share through malaysia brokerage already, can i know where i can get the live stock price and do the trading? tks

    • ProfitFan says:

      Hi, it sounds like the best place would be through your Malaysian brokerage. Alternatively, if it’s possible, open a free account with a Singaporean brokerage firm.

  22. Leo says:

    I m a homemaker in Malaysia , I wish to invest in Singapore stock . How am I start to open an account in Singapore?

    • Dealer S says:

      Hi Leo

      Seems like many Malaysians are interested in trading SG stocks (especially Genting!).
      The fastest way will be to visit a brokerage house in SG armed with your passport and bank book (from a SG bank). It will take about a week for the account to be successfully opened. Otherwise the SG bank branches in Malaysia can also help you but it takes a longer time to process.

  23. chakiya says:

    I am thai people. how I can trading stock exchange of singapore? and how much money for strat trading there?
    what is it website I can learn of company in stock exchange of singapore.

  24. newbie says:

    What is warrant? Is it high risk? how to buy and sell? Is it worthless after expiry? Is it worth investing? Is it difficult to sell?

  25. newbie says:

    Is china share in singapore stock market consider high risk? Why the price is extremely low like 0.001?
    Normally, is it trade in 100,000 lot?

  26. Chew says:

    Has the age allowed to start a trading acct lowered to 18 yrs old? Also, is there a guide to learn all the terms ppl use in trading, e.g step size, etc ?

  27. Jonathan says:

    If brokers do not charge anything from their client, how do they earn money?

  28. KJ says:

    Can I lose more than my investment? I am planning to start investing using my own money, no borrowed money. What if the company I invest in goes bankrupt?

  29. aiimkerinting says:

    hi, i would like to know if i have an account with optionxpress now but i cannot trade(buy any stocks) due to the new law implemented by monetary authority of singapore(MAS) whereby you need to take certain tests before you start this true?

  30. BKLIM says:

    Hi, Can i check Singapore PR is able to buy stock in Sin? Need any deposit for Singapore PR or non Singaporean to start buy stock?

  31. chin k chong says:

    I am a citizen of Malaysia.Can i hold shares (wedding present)of singapore share counter. I do not expect to trade at all.Can the dividend be remitted direct into my msia savings accoun?

  32. junedc says:

    which one among the brokerage firm is okay, meaning they charge low.

  33. Shidah says:

    any advise on how to start stock trading as im very new in this.

  34. April Tan says:

    My mum bought quite a numbers of shares. As she is getting old, what will happen to her shares when she’s not around. Can I joint name in her account?

    • Apple says:

      You can re-open a joint account( yourself & your mum ) with CDP, that means transferring your mun shares into this joint acc . You will also need to open a joint trading account with any brokers.
      I have done that, is not a problem.

  35. Dave says:

    Are Reits safe to trade in?

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